Screenshot of mint #0 from net net net from Net Net Net
Mint #0 from Net Net Net

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Welcome to the space of a long-form generative art project by ilithya and Erin Wajufos.

This series is inspired by both net and glitch art. It represents nostalgia from an era when the Internet was a mystical new space, where computer graphic cards had more limitations than what we know nowadays, where graphical user interfaces were beginning to shape as a result of a steep learning curve for command-line interfaces, and where artists started to test unfamiliar methods to make art.

It’s a juxtaposition of chaos and order. A disarray of colored geometric shapes, wrapped by orderly patterns, trying to find their place in a screenshot. Patterns depicting an intended path or miscalculation in a new domain. Infinite combination of rules within certain parameters creating distinct yet related architectural collages. A real-time static visual memory of what Web3 was in the now.